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Here at San Diego Cash for Car we buy your scrap and used vehicles that you no longer need or want. Our company prides itself on causing as little disruption as possible to you and your routine. By offering your car to us we can make selling your car incredibly simple, with no bank details or personal information needed. We give you instant cash in hand with no bargaining or common complications. We offer free collection for every vehicle we buy, even scrap cars! Towing Junk cars and non-runners is very expensive, that’s why we offer towing as part of our efficient service, at no cost.

Our company is well known for its fast and friendly service and one thing many of our pleased customer benefits from being our instant quotes. All it takes for us to value your car is one phone call.  The price we offer you is not valued on current trends or superficial favorites, our quotes are genuine. We quote your car on the condition and the reliability, unless your car is scrapped. If the car is scrapped the value is based upon weight and size, as it will be recycled for its materials.

Why shouldn’t I advertise my car?

We know from personal experience that advertising your car takes immense effort. Just to advertise your vehicle you need to add every little detail about the car and many photos from a lot of angles. Then even once you’ve gone to all this effort you may only get little interest and stupidly low offers. Also when advertising a car you’ll get many strangers asking to view the car, which takes up not only your time but patience to. This is where we can help; we don’t ask for insignificant details about the car or photos, we just ask general questions about the condition and so on. You will also only have to deal with one friendly team members. Our procedure is extremely fast, so no need to wait for people to take an interest in your car and of course there is no waiting for your payment.

We buy any car at a fair price from hundreds of people every week, so why hold back Give us a call, right away and we can promise to offer you a simple, safe and easy process!

If you’re still questioning whether or not you should use our services check out our reviews on yelp!

“These guys buy cars and make it fast and easy. I sold my crashed car to them and I'm extremely satisfied with the service they provided. If I have the need to sell another vehicle in the near future you'll be the first place I call. Keep it up.”
Reginald L.