about us

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This has never been truer than when it comes to the inception of our company. We created this business because we knew there was a need in our community, and we wanted to be there for our friends and neighbors. We realized that there are too many cases where because of situations beyond a person’s control, they find themselves in a position where they must sell their car. We saw many people struggle dealing with private party sales and trade-ins that we knew there must be a way to create an alternative.

We started our company in the hope that we could be of service to the Southern California community. We hated seeing people being ripped off by bad deals when they couldn’t find other options when selling their cars. We intentionally set out to give people more options to make the market more competitive, and therefore better for customers. Integrity and excellence have always been the cornerstones of our business model. We agreed that we would never sacrifice the customer’s trust for a quicker or easier option.

We are proud to say that after decades in the business, we have grown at a substantial rate and are now considered essential and trusted members of our San Diego area. We have aimed to maintain our traditions of excellence. In that time, we have become bonded and licensed in the state of California. We are also extremely proud of our stellar ratings online. There is no better compliment than the trust of our customers. Therefore, customer referrals and reviews are so important to us. Your satisfaction is our bottom line.

We started with a small staff and we are very proud to say that our family has grown since we first started. We look for a passion for customers with anyone we add to our team. All our employees share a passion for cars and service. This is how we can successfully maintain a kind, courteous, and personable staff that endeavors to make every customer experience a satisfactory one. They are dedicated to making you the next pleased potential customer. We were built from the ground up as an aid for you, and will be here for you for many years to come.