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Conveniently located in sunny San Diego, Cash for Cars is in the business of buying used cars from consumers that might find other, more traditional, options non-attractive for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, a consumer is sitting on a car referred to as a, “junk car,” so most resale options are not really considered to be attractive.

What types of cars we pay cash for:

We essentially remove all those concerns that are typically associated with selling junk cars. We do this by being convenient and coming directly to you. We do this by buying cars even if they don’t run or the engine wont’ turn over at all. We also pay for the tow if your car isn’t running. If your car is damage stricken, you shouldn’t fret, as we buy those too! We even buy nicer cars that a consumer might have trouble selling.

We Buy Cars The Same Day You Call In Escondido

We strive for the fastest possible service by always reaching towards our, “same day,” buy goal. Admitley, we do fall short on some sales. Circumstances for each case will often dictate our ability to follow through on this and they are not always on our side. By setting such a high goal however we are able to achieve quick turnaround for almost all of our clients. When somebody has a car to get rid of, speed is often the name of the game. Again, selling a used car should be fast, easy and painless.


Why Should I Use Cash For Cars Escondido?

Getting cash for junk cars is not easy for a consumer. Think about the following scenario. If you are on the market for a new car, it’s important to understand that sales people have this little game that they enjoy playing. You’ll oftentimes be told something along the lines of, “….it’s just that the dealership usually doesn’t buy cars of this age AT ALL……we CAN give you a few hundred dollars anyway towards your new purchase….”

Be weary, the sales person likely adjusted for that few hundred dollars elsewhere in your paperwork! We’re not saying this always happens, but a purchase based around any amortized loan is certainly workable to a less than scrupulous dealer. There are too many factors (i.e. interest rate, period of time and etc,) that can by toyed with in order to create the sale that you most desire (including the disposition of your old car.)

The dealership will turnaround and sell your car to somebody like us, or worse, spend a little cash to repair the car and then sell it for much more than they ever imagined giving you! Even if your car is only worth a few hundred, you can get that from us and then apply it towards your down payment that you give the dealership. Then you know that you really did get a few hundred dollars for that trade in.

Have you ever tried to sell something through an online forum (think Craigslist?) It’s not very fun. You will often go back and forth with a seller, agreeing on a price and other such details. At the last moment, the seller will often reach back out with an email offering you a blatantly low balled figure! Sometimes, this figure will even be less than half of what you were toying with during the initial phases of negotiation! Again, if you chose us, we are going to give you what we agreed upon prior to our arrival on your property.

Pick up the Phone!

That old car isn’t going to sell itself! Get it out of your yard. Because of the reasons discussed here, consider giving us a call and telling us a little about your junk car. It’s much easier than reaching out to a salesperson or some stranger through the internet. If we meet your needs, we can likely achieve a speedy buy leaving you with dollars in your hand the same day. Think of the all that money and time that you might have already mis-invested in traditional methods. It’s time for results. It’s time to get cash for your car.

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