We Buy Junk Cars

Our company makes it easy to recycle your junk car. There’s no need to trawl the internet or spend time advertising just simply call us and receive your quotation quickly over the phone. We understand that most people are unable to afford the costs of towing or are unable to deliver their scrap car to us, but we can arrange a convenient time for you to collect your vehicle for free! If your car is to be scrapped we will sort out all the forms for you, everything is done to help you and our aim is to make the process convenient for you. All the junk cars we buy are recycled to the highest standard, your car may be junk to you but who knows, and if recycled properly it could even be made into a new car. On occasion some parts of a junk car can be re-used, this is the purest form of recycling and it helps to keep most reliable cars on the road for longer.

Take advantage of our fantastic recycling scheme, we work around our customers and aim to please. That’s why the people of San Diego choose us. We buy every scrap vehicle you can think of, including non-runners, wrecks, and cars with faulty engines or poor body work. We even buy cars with high mileage or huge amounts of rust. With junk cars the condition isn’t very important; the value is based purely on weight and the materials we can use from the vehicle. Age hugely determines whether a car will be scrapped, the usual theory is that if the car is 15 years or over that it is junk. Unless of course it has been done up or well looked after like collectors vehicles.

We take all cars including those that have been involved in major accidents. If your car has been totaled and you don’t want to harm the local environment by selling it to a landfill, then sell to us. Not only will we recycle the car well but we will give you a fair price for even completely wrecked vehicles.

So why not call us and see what you can get out of your junk!?

We also have local offices in the locations below: