Cash For Junk Cars

Located in the San Diego area, Cash for Cars is a dependable company interested in buying any car, especially junk cars. One of the services that Cash for Cars offers is our cash for junk cars program. Just because a car is heavily damaged or no longer runs doesn’t mean that it no longer has value or can’t be sold. With this program, we will exchange money for one of these vehicles that no one else would want to buy.

But how can someone know if their car would be classified as junk?

Generally, this can be determined if the car costs more to fix than what it’s worth. Even if the car just barely runs, if it requires expensive repairs that are greater than the sum of the vehicle’s value, than it would be considered a junk car. At this stage, there’s no point investing money to improve it because it could never be sold for more than the repair costs.

Typically, no one else would want to buy these cars if they no longer are usable. However, Cash for Cars is one of the few who will give you cash for junk cars. While other businesses might try to give you into agreeing a deal than the car’s worth, we will do our best to provide a fair offer.

So how much can someone receive for selling their junk car?

Once it has been deemed a junk car, it’s value may decrease. How much a junk car is worth depends on several different things. For starters, part of the value is influenced by the current scrap metal value price. If the demand for scrap metal increases, the price will increase and will thus increase the value of the junk car. Likewise, if the demand is low, the scrap metal price is low, and the value of the car will also decrease.

In addition to this factor, the value of a junk car may be determined by the demand for its individual parts. After the vehicle has been stripped apart, some intact car parts can still be used. Some of the parts that are typically reused include: lead batteries, tires, unused airbags, radios, oil filters, and more.

These stripped parts can be recycled or sold to other consumers. If there is a greater demand, like for lead batteries, for example, the value for this junk car may actually be higher. However, if all the parts are demanded less, their total value brings the value of the junk car considerably lower. The average price of a junk car is usually a few hundred dollars, sometimes we’ll even pay $500 in cash for junk cars.

Contact us today to sell your junk car for cash

If you believe your vehicle is a junk car and would like to exchange it for some money, and you’re located in the San Diego area, you may want to consider selling it to Cash for Cars. Unlike other companies, we won’t pressure you into accepting an offer much lower than the car’s value. Just give us a call, we’ll give you a quote, and if you accept it, we can have one of our certified auto buyers come and officially purchase it. It’s that quick and easy.

We Buy Non-running junk cars

Because many junk cars are heavily damaged, they might not run any longer, or just barely. Of course, this would then create the problem about how the vehicle is actually going to be transported. For many private sellers, they may feel hesitant about how they can afford to have their vehicle removed. However, Cash for Cars in San Diego will tow it away, free of charge. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing money on the profit you would make on selling the junk car.

Not only do we buy junk cars in San Diego, we are also interested in every kind of car, no matter their condition. The cars we buy are new, old, classic, damaged, and junk. Our business will even give you cash for cars with no title or cars vehicles that didn’t even pass the smog test. If you are interested in getting rid of your junk car, or any other vehicle, you should definitely contact us. We are a trustworthy business that provides fair offers of cash in exchange for vehicles.

Why should I Sell My Junk Car To Your Company?

Other companies may hire non certified staff that will pressure you into receiving less money or will add on hidden fees. When you call them, they’re quotes are obligated and they may pressure you into accepting a lower. But Cash for Cars San Diego is different. When you call our certified auto buyers for a quote, it’s obligation free. There’s no coercion to force you to accept it. Additionally, we don’t add on any hidden fees. In other words, what you’re offered is what you get. We won’t charge you for any towing services or anything else. While selling a car can become a hassle, our goal is to make it easier for private sellers to receive cash for junk cars in San Diego.