Frequently Asked Questions

How Exactly Does It Work?

Cash for Cars is built to be the fastest and easiest way to sell your car. Our friendly and personable customer representatives are always willing to answer your questions and help you understand our service. Here are some of our most frequent questions from potential car sellers like you:

What type of cars do you buy?

We buy any car. We mean it. Any car. We don’t care about what condition your car may be in. It could be a model that’s only a few years old, or it could be a complete junk car. We buy cars that aren’t even in working condition. We’ll come to you and take care of the towing just so you can get the car off your hands. Whether it be a 2004 Hummer or a 1991 Ford Pinto, we’re willing to take it.

When should I call?

Whenever works best for you! We are open and available seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We include these early morning and evening hours because we know your life extends beyond normal business hours.

How fast can I get a quote for the price of my vehicle?

When you call us, our process is crafted to be both fair and fast. We know you have a busy schedule, and we promise not to waste your time. We will ask you a series of brief and clear questions so we can get you a great value quote every time. You can have an over-the-phone quote from us within minutes.

How long does it take for the selling process to be complete?

We pride ourselves on our quick and convenient service. We will have a representative come to your place typically within one hour. For the same time that it takes to watch an episode of your favorite television show, you can have your car appraised and sold on the spot. We finish the free-of-charge inspection and if you decide to sell to us, we’ll take care of the paperwork for you, too.

What sort of paperwork do I need to have with me to sell my car?

All you need to have when you sell your car to us is proof of ownership with a Certificate of Title, and a valid driver’s license of the seller of the vehicle.

When will I receive my payment?

We pay you on the spot. So, within an hour you can be rid of your unwanted vehicle and have cash in your pocket. We don’t bother with pesky reimbursement checks and IOUs. We give you the money the same moment you hand over the keys to your old car.

How much can I get for my car?

Every sale is different and there are many factors that can determine a vehicle’s value. That’s why we have our expertly trained representatives ask very clear and easy questions that will determine just how much you can expect to sell your car for. We often beat the trade-in value that any dealership will give you for your car, and we always promise a fair price.

How can I get started?

Call us at (858) 346-7655 and start chatting with a member of our expert staff in an instant. Or you can fill out a Contact Form that will send us an e-mail with your information. We will get the ball rolling for you and set up an appraisal appointment.

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