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Need Cash For Cars Today?

Need cash today? If you own an old car that you have been trying to get rid of forever, we can help you out! Our company specializes in buying old, used cars from those who live in El Cajon and the surrounding area for cash. We have been running a reliable, reputable business for many years and are who most customers call when they have a car that they need to quickly sell.

Why use a junk car buying company?

We see a lot of customers every day and that is because we don’t discriminate against the type of vehicle that our customers have. It makes no difference to us how old the car is, the make or model, the mileage on it or what it looks like. We will buy any kind of automobile, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, RVs and more. Even if you have had the vehicle for years and it doesn’t run anymore, we will buy it from you. Is your car only good for parts? That isn’t a problem either-we will pay you cash for it!

Our company is well-known for their leadership when it comes to buying cars for the best price. We pay top dollar no matter what type of old car you have! We will check out the Blue Book value of your vehicle to get an idea of the value and give you a price that is fair to the listing. Our company always does the very best to get you the most for your car.

Sell Your Junk Car Or Good Car

When you call our company, we normally come out to you the very same day. We realize that you are probably itching to get rid of the junk heap sitting in your driveway and we want to do what we can to help. Give us a call and we can even give you a free quote over the phone or through an email! We will give you an idea of the value of your car and you can decide right then and there if you want to go continue with the transaction. We can assure you that most of our customers do!

We have bought many cars from our customers that no longer start. Some cars have been sitting for so long that our customers aren’t even sure if they run. No matter what condition it is in, we will come out to you and even haul it away for free. That’s right! We offer free towing services to all of our valued customers. You’ll just want to let us know when you call that your vehicle isn’t running anymore so that we can set up a time for our tow truck driver to come to you. Again, this service is completely FREE of charge!

We’ll Buy Your Car For Cash Today

We do offer additional services which can be found below:

At Cash for Cars El Cajon, we always pay our customers straight cash for their cars. No one wants a check in today’s world, and everyone can always use some extra cash! We come prepared when we make an appointment with you, as we know you will be eager to make the sale and be on your way. Our reliable employees will drive out to wherever your vehicle is to make the sale, and they will always come prepared with cash.

You don’t want to try and sell your old car on your own. Take the hassle out of the situation by giving us an email or call. We will come to you, bring cash, and haul away your old vehicle for free. It’s that simple and easy! Call now!

We’ll Buy Your Car For Cash Today

We purchase a wide variety of vehicles including dodge, chevy, honda, and toyota. Contact us to learn more about the cars we buy.


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